Adventure in Mungo National Park

Explore World Heritage-listed Mungo National Park, the site of the oldest ritual cremation in the world. In outback NSW, the park is striking in its natural beauty. Marvel at the Walls of China, a spectacular dune formation. The easiest way to visit the park is via Wentworth, a town in south-western NSW. From Sydney, fly to Mildura Airport, near Wentworth.

Walls of China, Mungo National Park
Mungo lookout at National Park, Outback NSW

About the World Heritage wilderness

Mungo National Park, in outback NSW, is a remote and starkly beautiful World Heritage landscape where the world’s oldest ritual cremation site was discovered. Part of the Willandra Lake Region World Heritage Area, the park is comprised of a chain of ancient dried-up lakebeds and sand dunes.

Besides its striking beauty, it's one of the world’s most significant national parks with important archaeological treasures found there including evidence of human occupation dating back 60,000 years, fossilised giant marsupials and the largest collection of fossilised human footprints.

The estimated 40,000-year-old cremated remains of Mungo Lady were uncovered in 1968, making it the oldest site of ritual cremation in the world. In 1974 a skeleton, also estimated at around 40,000 years old, was discovered and called Mungo Man. “It is a unique landmark in the study of human evolution on the Australian continent,” the UNESCO World Heritage committee said.

At the visitor centre in Mungo National Park, you'll find changing exhibits and information about things to do and see in the area. If you want to stay overnight, there are a couple of campgrounds within the park, as well as accommodation available in old shearers' quarters.

You can explore the park at your own pace following the 65 km self-drive tour that takes you to 15 stops along the way. It's easily accessed via Wentworth, a town at the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers in far south-western NSW.

Tri State Safaris, an Aboriginal owned and operated tour group, specialises in visits to the park. Tours depart from Wentworth. Alternatively, join Mungo Discovery Tours with rangers from the three tribal groups of the Willandra Lakes region. Tours operate during school holidays and at other times by appointment.

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